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Three friends went shopping for clothes one day, and spent the entire day at a large, suburban mall. At the end of the day, one had bought a pair of shoes, one had bought a large sleeping T-shirt with a teddy bear on it and the other had purchased a pair of earrings. "They were the only thing that fit," she explained, sadly.

If you're a size 12 or over, you know the frustration of shopping all day and trying on clothes that just don't fit. You wind up feeling depressed, inferior and miserable. But it's not your fault that most clothing stores till don't carry the sizes more than 60% of American women need! The fashion industry is still catching up to its consumers, who are starting to be heard. Women over size 12 aren't especially interested in polyester stretch pants and sweatshirts as wardrobe options: we want elegant, sexy clothing that fits. Some smart manufacturers are starting to realize that giving plus size customers what they want results in fantastic sales and loyal customers. These are the companies we like to shop with.

After much discussion of diets and gyms, the three women in this story decided to do something proactive about getting clothes that fit right now. In 2005, they started a website called Plus Size Clothing Apparel. The idea was to gather all the plus size clothing companies, including companies that sell shoes in larger and wider sizes, under one virtual roof. At, you can shop one site and find dozens of companies, all of which sell clothing that will fit you. High fashion shops like Zaftique and fantastic brands like Miraclesuit are listed on the site. Online plus sized clothing stores are also terrific about sizes: they tend to provide specific information on the way their sizes work, and most have intelligent return policies in case the items you bought don't fit perfectly. We have also suggested various fashion advice and tips that are specifically tailored to style concerns for plus size woman’s figure. We at Plus Size Clothing Apparel are delighted not only to provide a marvelous shopping service to our site visitors, but also to be able to finally buy clothes that fit and look wonderful.

Please feel free to email us you commments, questions, or favorite plus size clothing tip by writing to .

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