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Chadwicks of Boston is one of the finest plus size clothing stores in the world, its quality of clothing matched only by the range of styles available. In misses and women's full figure sizes, the clothing is unsurpassed in quality. Chadwicks's sweater department outdoes other clothing stores in having more than the usual drab assortment of wintry sweaters: the sweaters at Chadwicks come in soft, bright colors –pastels in orange, blue, green and cream that make for cheerful wardrobe options all year around. The sweaters you find in cotton and ramie at this store are also designed prettily, with clever necklines and nicely fitting shapes.

Other departments at Chadwicks include the Cashmere collection, where you can attain real luxury for a very reasonable outlay of funds. Cashmere has long been considered a luxury fabric; silky-soft yet strong and lasting; warmth-retaining yet breathable; water-repellant like wool, without wool's coarser character. Cashmere is everyone's favorite sweater, but in many places you'd think this soft goat's hair was spun out of gold: it can be awfully expensive! But Chadwicks has found the right way to do cashmere, and customers are the winners in the bargain. Think you can't find the perfect gift for your sister-in-law? Think again! Then, buy her a gorgeous (yet affordable) piece of cashmere in an elegant color that makes her look ten years younger.

The "Real Comfort" department caters to the customer who wants to experience soft, sensuous clothing without having to spend her whole life at the dry cleaner's. Dresses, pants, sweaters and loungewear in super-soft terry, velour and corduroy are just the ticket for the woman who wants to look great without working hard at it. "Real Comfort" clothes are ideal for weekend wear, casual office dress and dinner out with friends. Even better—while your friends are struggling out of their tight clothes and heels, you'll keep your pretty, oh-so-comfy "evening" clothes on while relaxing after a night out.

Chadwicks carries beautiful, tailored women's pants in moleskin, cotton and other natural fabrics, and in sizes ranging from 14 to 26. These aren't your mother's plus sized pants! The lines are smooth, defining and classy: the fabrics high quality and the colors just right. And before you buy pants in the Pants department, click on the Clearance department for sales and discounts on all of Chadwick's clothing that will knock your socks off. And if you're lucky enough to live near a Chadwicks retail outlet, stop by every week for in-store sales.

As if the extraordinary quality of the "ordinary" clothes provided by this store was not enough, Chadwicks also carries great jewelry. It only makes sense: buy your accessories where you buy your clothes But even outshining the jewelry is the bridal collection, where you can find elegant gowns of silk, satin and lace, ranging from $99 on up. The styles are simple and flattering; perfect for brides with great taste.

Many women find shopping at Chadwicks hugely satisfying because they carry pretty, sexy clothes in a wide range of sizes for truly decent prices. But far and away the most amazing thing about Chadwicks is the Shoes collection. We're talking all styles of boots, pumps, loafers, ballet flats, tennis and deck shoes and more, in fabulous colors too. Looking for a pair of kitten heel mules? Look here. And then look again, because Chadwicks has the bar-none best range of wide width sizes and styles that this writer has ever seen. If your foot doesn't fit the standard "medium B" and if you've broken your heart over being relegated to ugly nursing shoes because the stores just don't carry cute shoes in D and E widths, you will laugh and dance when you see what Chadwicks has. I didn't know you could even get shoes in E width! Where's my credit card? Let me at them! And I have no fear, because this store's return policy assured me that if they don't fit, I can return them for a full refund.

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