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Coldwater Creek is probably best known for its elegantly photographed clothing catalogs that feature gorgeous fashions in the beautiful surroundings of the American desert. Coldwater Creek's retail collections carry women's clothing in all sizes, including those for the full figure. In Misses, the sizes range up to XXL or extra, extra large, which makes it easy for women at that in-between size to find attractive clothing. In Women's, clothes sizes range from 1X to 3X.

Coldwater Creek is familiar to many women who are looking for well-designed career wear: their dresses, pants suits and other clothes for the workplace tend to be understated and easy to wear, being made of flowing fabrics such as rayon or cotton knits. Often in colors reminiscent of the American Southwest, the clothing is romantic without being fuzzy; nicely structured without appearing too tailored. If you like the teal-blue of a New Mexico nighttime sky, or the soft pinks, sage greens, rust and earth tones of the high desert, you will love Coldwater Creek's apparel.

Nice looking pants are often tricky to find in plus sizes, but this company seems to have come across the method for making pants look great in all sizes. Whether you're interested in finding the perfect pants for yoga or walking, for loungewear or casual shopping, you will find them here. You can be as casual or as dressed up as you like: in fact, one of the big winners this season was a pants set in purple chiffon and georgette with a bias-cut tunic that turned the ensemble into an elegant evening "gown". Pants are available in silk, cotton, rayon, linen or denim and in a wide range of styles that can take you from the office to cocktails without missing a beat. Clever design does more than hide problems: it makes you look gorgeous without making you feel uncomfortable. Coldwater Creek has achieved this most difficult goal. Of course, there are many more types of clothing available—skirts, vests, sweaters and jackets make up a portion of Coldwater Creek's offering to the plus sized customer.

But this company promises more than comfortable, good-looking outfits for the workplace: the sportswear is really nice, in soft terry and pastel colors that look cheerful and bright. Flowing dresses in knit fabrics and pretty colors are a large part of the appeal, but the accessories and jewelry are truly unique. Handbags and totes for casual and dress occasions are available in elegant styles and colors; silks with Moroccan motifs; beaded and gold bags perfect for evening; leather and suede in fabulous designs. Included in accessories are sunglasses, scarves and shawls, with many of the accessory fabrics consisting of lovely patterns in silk. Belts have a definite Southwestern touch: you'll find them in leather, suede and silver with traditional decorative motifs embossed in the belt or worked in the buckle.

Necklaces at Coldwater Creek tend toward the exotic, featuring semi-precious stones and silver in fluid lines. Never chunky or clunky, although sometimes large, this jewelry catches the eye without being ostentatious. Pearls, seashells and turquoise are found in abundance: you may also find jewelry in amethyst, smoky quartz and coral. To shop for simple or even discount jewelry that doesn't put a crimp in your pocketbook, Coldwater Creek also carries beautiful jewelry in glass and resin.

If you're looking for a great sale, look no further than the outlet department, where weekly specials make it worthwhile to do a little online shopping each week. You may find any number of things on sale, ranging from apparel to gifts. Coldwater Creek also has a Home & Gifts department where you can buy anything from elegantly carved wooden serving trays and hand painted wine glasses to candles and candleholders in a dozen interesting styles.

If you like shoes, and if like most shoe-lovers you believe that shoes are meant to be seen and admired, Coldwater Creek has your number. Shoes at Coldwater Creek are available in a range of styles you won't see at most shoe stores – sneakers, mules, pumps, slingbacks, to name a few-- and the colors and fabrics (from leather to velvet and even silk pumps!) are terrific. Whether it's boots you're shopping for or kitten-heeled cocktail shoes, spend some time in the shoe department, where you will find styles that will delight your heart. Coldwater Creek shoes are generally available in half-sizes, up to size 11 in medium widths.

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