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Just My Size is one of the companies that early on recognized the need for plus size women's clothing that also looks and feels wonderful. With more than 60% of American women fitting the plus-sized and full figure, intelligent, well-made women's fashion is a real winner in the marketplace. Aside from making clothing that accentuates the positive and pleases the discriminating customer, Just My Size has managed to keep prices reasonable in a market that often penalizes women for wanting to look nice even when they are larger than the industry standard a scrawny and fairly unrealistic size 6. In sheer numbers, companies that provide well made, comfortable, attractive aparrel for plus size shoppers stand to do well over time: Just My Size is one if the first clothing companies to recognize and fill a large, ongoing need for excellent plus size clothing in Misses and Women's sizes.

One of the most widely known companies for intimate apparel and hosiery, Just My Size provides the plus sized customer with underwear and sleepwear made exclusively for the majority of American women who don't fit the ever-narrowing profile of the "ordinary" customer. Just My Size began in retail with bras and panties, adding hosiery early on, and did such a great job of satisfying customers that the company now also sells yoga pants, jeans and lingerie. Comfort and fit are the watchwords of this company, which understands that comfortable customers are happy customers who are likely to return.

Probably one of the better and most unique services provided by Just My Size is the focus on the customer's correct size. On the website and in the catalog, you will find precise instructions on how to buy the best fitting bra, including a troubleshooting section that explains the reasons bras ride up, why straps slip off, what to do when your cups don't seem to fit correctly, and how to deal with it when one breast isn't the same size as the other. (In fact, Just My Size lets customers know that one breast is usually slightly larger than the other, so it's not really something to be worried about.) If you're troubled with bras that don't seem to fit right, it could be the cup size, the band width or the straps. One fine feature of many of Just My Size bras is the Comfort Cushion bra straps, which are slightly wider, nicely padded and work not only for a more comfortable fit on the shoulder but for better support overall.

The Just My Size site also has a panty calculator, which is really helpful when you're shopping online and would rather not have to deal with return issues. Using a tape measure, you enter your waist size and the fullest measurement around your hips, and the calculator will tell you which size panties to buy for a perfect fit. If your panties ride up, leave lines on the sides of your hips, bind or get bunchy, you're probably buying the wrong size. If you're used to buying your underwear at department stores, you may not be aware of the range of possibilities open to you in terms of size, fabric and fit when it comes to buying underwear. Just My Size has panties that range from your basic, cover-your-rump brief to pretty, shiny things that make you feel pretty. Probably one of the best offerings in online plus size shopping, Just My Size sells body shaper briefs from size XL to 10X a size range you won't find at other clothing companies, which often top out at 4X. Women of all sizes can purchase quality shapewear that will keep them comfortable while showing their clothes and their bodies off to the best advantage.

Whether you're looking for exercise wear, intimate apparel, stockings, tights or hose that will rival Hanes in quality Just My Size delivers what it promises: it fits. The legwear will make your shoes look wonderful. The clothes are available in a range of plus sizes, with under and outer wear defined by comfortable qualities of softness and stretch, Just My Size is available online, by catalog and in department stores everywhere.

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