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If you've been shopping for plus size boots at your local department store, you're probably feeling disappointed in the lack of options available to you. The fact is, most department shoe stores don't bother with finding and ordering plus size shoe or boots because of their mistaken notion that average width shoes sell better. It's a strange but pervasive reasoning that "medium" comprises most of the market, when any beginning statistics student could tell you that the average area under any normal curve comprises less than 60% of the population. Why aren't at least 40% of plus size boots and shoes for sale in extra narrow and extra wide?
No one can say for sure, but we can say with a high probability of certainty that you won't find what you're looking for at your local shoe department. For plus size boots that fit and look good, you will want to look at plus size clothing companies.

Plus Size Boots Have a Wider Calf or a Little Extra Stretch

Women's boots are just a bit trickier to buy than shoes because of the added complication of needing to cover the ankle, shin and calf, and maybe even the knee. You're adding a number of potential difficulties, since no one has the same shape of foot and leg, but boots have to fit both of them perfectly for comfort.

High heels tend to make legs look longer and slimmer, but they also add complications in terms of comfort, especially when it comes to plus size boots. The high heel pushes body weight forward, changing your center of balance and seriously affecting the pressure on the lower back. The higher the heel, the greater the pressure, which affects not only the back, but the shoulder and neck as well as the foot. High heels also put pressure on the toes, which may be pushed forward into the shoe, winding up mashed against the toe of the shoe. Furthermore, the narrower the heel, the more precarious your balance will be, and that also relates to the way you walk and hold yourself. Stiletto heels, while considered sexy, are much less balanced than wedge heels or a kitten heel, and increase the chances of tripping, falling or back, leg or foot injuries. Wedges, shorter heels and other broader heels will spread the pressure of the body over a larger surface area, making it easier to walk and stand in the boots. For all these reasons, buying high heeled plus size boots requires a perfect fit.

Every lady loves her boots, and plus size boots can be as beautiful as any others in leather, suede, fur, velvet and other fabrics. Oddly, you will probably have a hard time finding plus size boots even at stores or online shops that specialize in footwear. Instead, look at plus size apparel stores like Silhouettes and Avenue for gorgeous leather or suede fashion boots, well-built hiking boots or dress boots that come up to ankle, knee or even the thigh. Tall boots are considered way sexy: watch out where you wear them!
Work boots are perfect for women whose occupations demand steel toe security: check out waterproofed boots for wearing in the rain or snow, or galoshes to wear over your regular shoes on rainy days when you'll be going inside. Snow boots that you intend to wear for long periods of time should also have a temperature rating that will let you know how well your boots will protect you from cold winter weather.

English Riding and Cowboy Boots

Riding boots come in leather, and if you're interested in true English riding boots, you may decide to buy them from an English riding clothes company or have them custom made. Cowboy or cowgirl boots are usually made of leather, often tooled in classic Western designs and sometimes ornamented with nickel, silver or turquoise. Since the usual cowboy boot features a pointy toe (presumably to make it easier to put your foot in and out of the stirrup), some plus size boots buyers may have a hard time finding cowboy boots that don't pinch the toes. You may discover that the heel on women's boots is unnecessarily higher than that on men's. If cowgirl boots don't fit, try men's sizes for a little additional width at the toe and a more practical heel height.

The Classics: Brown vs. Black Plus Size Boots

Although black boots are ideal for motorcycles and matching the all-black big city dweller's wardrobe, brown leather boots are beautiful with a wide range of clothing. As it ages, leather acquires a patina that can't be faked: if your boots are a perfect fit, you can hold on to that patina and the great fit by having them resoled every five to ten years (depending on how much wear they get).

There is a new tendency for modern shoe makers to label footwear "boots" even when they are in fact shoes. Some shoes, labeled "shearling boots" are actually little more than trumped up loafers, mules or even slippers made of sheep skin. Boots are supposed to support the foot and leg, so they must wholly enclose the foot. If your ankles need extra support, make sure your boots come up around the ankle. Try plus size boots with brand names such as Ugg, David Tate, Naturalizer, Nine West and Ros Hommerson.

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