How to Dress in Figure Flattering Plus Size Clothes

Plus size fashions are now available in many sizes, shapes, colors and fabrics. There are literally hundreds of clothing styles that are made specifically with a plus size figure in mind. However, women beware of the shapeless plus size wardrobe with no style. Dressing in apparel that hugs your body in certain places can actually give you a thinner appearance without haveing to wear classic black all the time. Browse our plus size clothes articles to help you find the right styles, cuts and fits that will flatter your fuller figure.
Guide to Plus Size Clothes Styles
Sexy Plus Size Lingerie
Most men admit that, regardless of current fashions for pencil-thin women, they prefer women with sexy rounder charms. Lingerie is just one way of confirming that full figured women have plenty of fun.

Plus Size Formal Dresses for Special Occassions
Women's formal and semi-formal wear are usually designated as such by the length of the gown. Semi-formal gowns may not be floor-length, although they can be. Formal dress requires a floor-sweeping gown.

Plus Size Wedding & Bridal Dresses
Plus sized weddings dresses are available from many wonderful designers, and come in every imaginable style and fabric. From cheap gowns for the bride who doesn't want to spend a lot of money to formal designer fashions, you can find the gown of your dreams.

Plus Size Dresses for Everyday
The biggest mistake that most plus size women make when they're shopping for dresses is to believe the fashion advice that claims it's better for larger women to wear dark colors. Black, they claim, minimizes the body and makes on appear slender by blending you into the background.

Full Figured and Plus Size Bras
Fitting a bra was once done by an expert saleswoman in the semi-privacy of a ladies' fitting room. With most bras now being bought off the rack, women tend to choose their own bras, with the result that many women are wearing bras that don't fit right. The bra must fit in three areas . . .

Plus Size Swim Wear, Swim Separates and Cover-ups
There are probably fewer things more stressful and depressing for most women than buying swimwear. There's something about the combination of near nudity, the prospect of being seen in public and the fact that many clothing designers have a sadistic yen to make us appear more naked then ever that makes even strong, intelligent women sulk and storm in the nation's fitting rooms at swimsuit time.

Plus Size Maternity Clothing
When you first discover you are pregnant, you will have so many things to think about that plus size maternity apparel may not occur to you until your clothes start to fit oddly—or not at all. You'll probably first notice the difference in the way underwear and lingerie fit, since they tend to sit close to the skin.

Plus Size Denim Jeans: Designer or Discount
For most women, a pair of jeans that looks sexy is worth its weight in gold. With the recent focus on low rise jeans, more and more tall women are looking for denims that will cover their lower backs, regardless of what the Juniors are wearing.

Plus Size Boots
Women's boots are just a bit trickier to buy than shoes because of the added complication of needing to cover the ankle, shin and calf, and maybe even the knee. You're adding a number of potential difficulties, since no one has the same shape of foot and leg, but boots have to fit both of them perfectly for comfort.

Plus Size Pants
The hardest item of apparel to find that with the right fit and high style has got to be plus size pants. Ordinary designers don’t even try to make plus size pants stylish, and the plus size shopper who tries to find good looking clothes at regular clothing stores will be horrified with the limited and atrocious items offered.

Plus Size Costumes: A little sexy or just for fun
Women's plus size costumes are available for shoppers who want that perfect outfit for a Halloween party, or who are looking for sexy additions to their lingerie wardrobe. If you're hunting for a costume to wear at home, you may be interested in the varieties of costume that have typically been part of the adult fantasy genre.

Plus Size Panties and Inimate Apparel
Many women favor cotton plus size panties because cotton breathes, is easy to machine wash, and takes a long time to wear out. Cotton and microfiber are probably the most comfortable underwear; for late nights, you may want a few pairs of silk or nylon, French cut panties. They tend to be hand wash only, but they are very pretty and not the least bit "practical".

Plus Size Sleepwear and Pajamas
Night gown shopping is more fun online because you can calculate your size from the fit guides and then wait for the post office to deliver your new nightie. Who wants to try on footed fleece jammies in the middle of a department store if you can buy them at home? Look for a set of color coordinated sheets, pillow cases and bedspread to complete the picture.

Plus Size Tops, T-shirts and Sweaters
For every low cut tank top that looks just awful, there is another whose deep V shape and sexy shape is just right, even for plus size women. Sleeveless or halter tops don't have to be off the menu just because you're over a size 12.

Plus Size Coats and Jackets
Whether it's a pretty rain coat in Easter egg colors or a deep, rich leather jacket, a plus size coat does more than keep you warm and dry. Your coat says a lot about your wardrobe: when it's cold out, it's the first thing people see you wearing.

Wide Width Shoes: From Casual Athletic or Formal High Heels
There are few people sadder than a woman whose wide feet won't fit into pretty shoes. But wide width shoes are available, and some of them are adorable as well: you have to know where to look to find them.

Plus Size Skirt Fashions: Sexy in Long or Short Lengths
The biggest challenge in buying plus size skirts is in finding ones that look wonderful. Skirts have to be cut just right for the body or they bunch, bulge and generally make for a sloppy appearance. But a well designed skirt is a marvel, hiding any flaws, accentuating the waist or legs and covering whatever we want covered.

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