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Whether it's a pretty rain coat in Easter egg colors or a deep, rich leather jacket, a plus size coat does more than keep you warm and dry. Your coat says a lot about your wardrobe: when it's cold out, it's the first thing people see you wearing. Winter requires a different type of coat than spring, and the smart shopper knows it's a great excuse to buy more outer wear right after the winter holidays pass and the year end sales begin.

Plus Size Down Filled Coats Have Extra Winter Warming Power

There are two kinds of coats: the heavy winter coat whose main job is to keep you warm, and the coat or jacket you wear because it looks nice and you need another layer. The down coat or parka is the epitome of icy-weather style: equipped with pockets, drawstring cuffs and a furry hood, parkas are perfect for stumbling around in storms, digging out the car, and even taking a walk on the coldest day of the year.

Down is made of feathers, and traps heat while adding nearly no weight at all. Down coats also resist water and when they do get wet, dry out fast. You can get parkas in short or long styles, and real or faux fur for trimming. If you need a serious overcoat for serious winter, you should have a down coat. Look for plus size down coats in reputable stores: some down is cheaper than others, but it may smell like wet chickens when you wind up in the rain. Wet chickens smell awful: get the good stuff.

The Fashionable Trench Coat for Work or Play

For winter shopping in the city, or a fashionable coat for work, the cashmere trench coat is a classic. Warm, soft, strong and light, the cashmere coat is favored by wealthy businesspersons and the just plain rich. You can't go wrong with such a coat in terms of fashion, and as long as you aren't engaged in vigorous outdoor pursuits, you should be able to take adequate care of this handsome coat. Check out designer fashions for classic designs in plus sizes, or have one custom made.

Wool, Tweed & Shearling Coats Come in Many Varieties and Will Keep Cold Out

If you don't want to spend around a hundred dollars on a dry-clean only cashmere coat, wool may be the right choice for you. Wool comes in various grades, and can be very expensive or very cheap. You can get lovely wool sweaters and coats for decent prices at any number of online or catalog stores. Wool is warm, but its major attribute is its resistance to wind and water. Although technically not waterproof in the way that modern rainwear is, wool has the distinctive property of allowing water to bead

up and roll off the garment. Wool coats and sweaters keep the wearer warm and stay drier than other fabrics, which is one reason you will find the most beautiful wool sweaters and socks in places like Iceland, Scotland and Ireland, where sheep are also plentiful.

If you love natural fibers, wool is an excellent choice, being stronger and warmer than cotton or silk. The other major plus of wool is that, while it's an animal product, it isn't the product of animal cruelty. Shearing a sheep of its wool keeps the animal cool during warm weather, and it grows its wool coat again as fall approaches. Shearling, on the other hand, includes the skin of the sheep, and is considered a fur product. Suede, like leather, is made of animal skin as well.

Wool pea coats have been favorites for men since the early days of the Navy, and in the past few years have found their way into women's wardrobes in more cropped styles. The traditional US Navy man's pea coat is just below the bum, lined with a heavy satin, and comes in deep indigo or black. Thick and warm, the important fashion elements include a wide collar and silver buttons with the fouled anchor insignia embossed on them. You can find these pea coats today in military surplus or vintage clothing stores.

Plus Size Pea Coats Flatter Almost All Body Types

Pea coats have the advantage of looking great on tall women as well as petites. There aren't many coats that suit everyone, but the Navy may have hit upon something in the design. It isn't long, and whether it hits the wearer at the top of the hip or mid-thigh, its slightly boxy shape still looks great. The new versions of the pea coat for women are a decided improvement in color. Jessica London has them in deep red, violet blue, neutral taupe and more. They give you the same warmth as the original and look wonderful with jeans, skirts or nearly anything in your closet. Look for them on sale, and then buy two!

Fleece Jackets in Larger Sizes Are Great for Everyday Wear

If you're looking for a winter wear coat that's light, warm and wind resistant, you may want to forgo the natural products for fleece. Fleece, although the term for sheep's wool, has been reincarnated in its modern form as a fabric made from recycled plastic soda pop bottles. It's one of the best inventions of the century, keeping people warmer outside than they've ever been before, while still being light enough to allow freedom of movement. Snowboarders, skiers, people who love to be outside in all weather favor fleece in coats, jackets, pants and headgear. It's relatively inexpensive and it really keeps the heat in. You can buy fleece in plus size fashions ranging from night shirts to complete wardrobes of outerwear. Check out Land's End brand coats for fleece, down, Goretex and guaranteed thermal qualities in outdoor clothing.

Plus Size Coat for Evening

There was a time when every lady had a velvet cloak for wearing to the opera, and velvet is still a natural and elegant choice for evening coats. For the ultimate in softness and fluid drape, look for silk velvets; that is, velvet made out of silk. There are also cotton velvets, which are heavier and denser; and velveteens made out of synthetics. Once you've tried silk velvet, you won't want to settle for another type, although you may find that cotton velvets are plentiful and cheap. A cotton velvet jacket can be perfect for autumn casual wear.

Great Plus Size Spring or Mild Weather Jackets

Corduroy and denim jackets are also just right for fall or spring, when you don't need as much warmth or coverage as you might in winter.

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