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Women's plus size costumes are available for shoppers who want that perfect outfit for a Halloween party, or who are looking for sexy additions to their lingerie wardrobe. If you're hunting for a costume to wear at home, you may be interested in the varieties of costume that have typically been part of the adult fantasy genre. Common role playing outfits typically include the French maid, cheerleader, nurse or belly dancer costumes, all of which can be found at plus size costume shops. School girl outfits are also popular with some people. Any of these costumes can also be worn to parties, but you'll want to make sure you have the right underclothing if you originally bought the costume for adult play: they may come with panties or g-strings that you won't want to take to the public arena!

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Holiday Party Costume Ideas

For Mardi Gras, the belly dancer costume is a winner: try body paint, rub-on tattoos and a spray-on tan to cover up the naked spots. If you really don't want any bare skin out there, indulge your childhood fantasies of being a cheerleader: despite the short skirt, you'll also be wearing tights and a sweater.

Sometimes, costume parties happen around Christmas, so themed costumes make sense. Mrs. Claus outfits, complete with red skirt, white apron and a Santa hat, are fun, and there's little worry for plus size shoppers, since Mrs. Claus was a plus size herself! For a sillier costume, be an elf, with short leather or velvet pants, tights, and crazy, turned up shoes with bells on the end. As a variation on the elf theme, you can add a scepter, a jingle-bell topped hat and a mask and go as a court jester. Other Christmas costume ideas include dressing as a reindeer, gift-wrapping yourself, or dressing like a candy cane in red and white stripes (dab some peppermint oil behind your ears instead of your usual perfume). If you can't afford a pricey costume, you can do a lot with a body stocking and some wrapping paper.

Plus Size Costumes From Another Time Period or Era

Costumes are also fun for parties with a timely theme. Medieval and Renaissance clothing features long skirts, bodices ranging from demure to devastatingly frank, and shoes optional. For the look of a Gothic heroine, choose long, narrow skirts, a deep neck and chandelier necklace and earrings. Flapper costumes are fun, and often very comfortable, since the waistlines were dropped. Buy stockings and roll them just below the knee, add long beads or fake pearls, and if you don't have a bob, put your hair up. If you're looking for a sexy costume that doesn't show a lot of skin, choose an outfit from the '50s.
Poodle skirts, bobby sox and a short sleeved, cashmere sweater bring up fun times. Jeans or broomstick skirts, tie-dye shirts and love beads are perfect for evoking the '70s, and disco outfits bring back the 80s. Bring back the James Dean look with a white T-shirt, rolled up on one sleeve with a packet of cigarettes, a pair of jeans and slicked back hair.

Adult Plus Size Costume Classics

Other popular costumes are the Devil costume of red leotard, horns and a tail, the pirate with eye patch, puffy shirt and tight pants and the Fairy or Good Witch Glinda costumes complete with ballgown-style dress and wings. If you're in a Disney frame of mind, fairy costumes are pretty and fun, and you can add on with bits of lacy or shimmery fabric, gloves or stars pinned into your hair. Try shopping at Anytime Costumes for a fun classic party disguise.

The key to wearing a costume and enjoying yourself is being able to play. Some costumes take more daring than others. Don't buy a costume you're not comfortable with wearing, especially if you're going to a party at work. Do buy the wackiest costume you can find if you're partying with friends or at home with a sweetheart. Let yourself get in the mood to match your new outfit. If you pretend to be a particular character, you won't feel self-conscious or silly. Don't wear a costume that makes you feel embarrassed: look for something that you can really have fun with. If that means attending a Halloween party as the front end of a giraffe or a Sesame Street character, go right ahead. On the other hand, if it's long been your heart's desire to dress up as a French maid, have a great time, Cherie.

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