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If you're shopping for plus size dresses, you're looking for something that makes you feel beautiful. Unfortunately, unless you know which clothing stores to shop, you may find yourself running into the dead-end of apparel shops that claim to have plus sizes when in fact they only carry something in XL. Looking for a plus size dress shouldn't be a depressing experience, but ordinary clothing stores have too long mistaken the term "plus size" for "put a bag on it". But some designers are wising up, and so are shoppers: we're not going to take that kind of treatment anymore! Women's apparel should be beautiful: otherwise, we may as all put on overalls and forget about buying new clothes. But with clothing stores like Zaftique, Roamans and Junonia creating elegant apparel for today's woman, beautiful plus size clothes are more becoming than they've ever been before.
The biggest mistake that most plus size women make when they're shopping for dresses is to believe the fashion advice that claims it's better for larger women to wear dark colors. Black, they claim, minimizes the body and makes on appear slender by blending you into the background. First of all, unless you are planning to wear your black dress (not to be confused with the Little Black Dress, which is an entirely different item of apparel) to a place where the walls and upholstery are black, you won't blend in. Secondly, who are these people to tell you to blend in with the background? Don't blend in! Don't pretend to be a shadow and don't try to blot out your body. It's your body and should be treated with affection and respect. Clothe it in color, choose things that make you happy and enjoy it.

Another mistake women make when shopping for plus size dresses is in going along with the idea that it's better to be covered modestly from head to toe, as though their sexuality has been stamped out. That's just crazy: there are plenty of men (and women) who think that the round, feminine form is gorgeous, and who will respond to a minor show of sartorial bravado with cries of appreciation. What does this mean? Ditch the long sleeves in summer; show some leg. Remember your bust? Put it out there in v-necked blouses and clingy wraps! Don't hide your lights under bushels of heavy clothing: let your skin breathe and notice how sexy you feel when you give your body come credit.

From the time you were a girl, you probably had ideas about the sort of fashions that best expressed the inner you. Are you celebrating the summer sun in Hawaiian shirts and vintage board shorts, or taking tea in an elegant red wool jacket and skirt suit and a pashmina wrap? Do you like the tropical tone of a Mandarin Chinese collar on a white linen dress, or the devil-may-care look of a leather mini skirt? Whatever your personal style, there are stores catering to the plus size customer who knows what she wants.

Every lady should have a little black dress for those occasions when you don't know what to wear but still need something perfect. Never a casual purchase, this all-important wardrobe item can be bought on the cheap at a discount clothing store or for big bucks at a trendier place. It doesn't have to be terrifically expensive to be a great dress: it does have to fit beautifully, to be classic in design so you can wear it down through the years and it should be well-made enough in fabric and design to last as long as you love it. Your Little Black Dress is not the kind of dress that makes you blend in: it is outstanding in elegance, wearability and the way that it accentuates the special qualities that belong to you.

A cheap dress is always a temptation, and it's probably safe to say most women have a dress or two in the back of the closet whose purchase was made more because the dress was sold at a discount than because of how well it fit the wardrobe of the buyer. It's a red letter day when a shopper find exactly the dress she wants on sale! But it can be done, and with online shopping, it's easier than ever. If you're looking for a casual, halter top dress, stores with trendy items for summer and vacation wear may be the place to start. For the dress you must have but can't find anywhere, search online for dress patterns and find a seamstress or tailor to custom make your dress for the perfect fit out of the perfect fabric, but you'd be surprised what you can find at online retailers. Whether you're plus sized, plus size and tall (over 5'8") or plus size Petite (under 5'4"), specialty apparel for women has never been more affordable or accessible.

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