Plus Size Fashion Tips for Teens and Women

For Juniors and women looking for plus size fashions, the best clothing and shopping advice probably concerns where to find the clothing you want. You probably haven't found it in department stores: you certainly haven't found it at low-end clothing stores. The designs you want are out there, but there's a good chance they haven't yet found the way to your local mall. But you can find them at plus size clothing stores online and at catalog companies. In fact, catalog companies are finally listening to customers who have been telling them that they would buy more apparel if they could find clothing
that would fit them. With more than half the population now considered to be plus size, things are starting to change. But the designer jeans, trendy urban clothes and magazine models for plus sizes are just now becoming mainstream.

Look at catalog companies like Roamans, Catherine's, Jessica London and Chadwicks for everything plus size, from dresses and tops to boots and swimwear. Zaftique, Junonia and Just My Size carry outerwear and underwear, from casual daily clothing to holiday wear, lingerie and evening clothes. Juniors can find clothes online at these stores, but there are also companies like and specializing in plus size juniors.

Once you've found your way to the plus size clothing stores, the challenge is to find clothes that make you feel beautiful. So much of fashion is exclusive of anyone who isn't a size six, that it becomes hard to imagine clothes that can make us feel good again. And sometimes even the plus size clothing stores fall down on the job, so that the place where you find the most wonderful underwear may have the ugliest pants and tops you've ever seen. Probably the biggest mistake made by designers and shoppers alike is in deciding that plus size clothes are just supposed to cover nudity. Nothing could be further from the truth: clothes are supposed to enhance the body, provide interest and allure, and make the wearer feel sexy and attractive. Once you find the clothing that makes you feel confident and pretty, you've won the fashion battle. Some women will find they love and follow high fashion, but most of us are happiest when we find the clothes that look nice on our bodies.

We're all shaped differently, and what looks nice on one person may not look as good on another. The middle aged lady who prefers to waft around in a caftan and jeweled slippers has a unique temperament and a body that's different from that of her teenaged daughter, who may need a pair of perfectly-fitted, high fashion jeans and boots that show off her long legs. Your own preferences and lifestyle will determine the type of clothes you buy. If you've spent your life in sweats and want to look like a girly-girl, you may be headed for baby doll pajamas and fluffy skirts. If you work in a professional office and spend your week trapped in suits and pumps, you may be dying for a sweater and a pair of khakis with penny loafers to match. What makes you feel pretty?

All clothing stores have some difference in the way they measure and size their clothes. For great fit the first time, take the trouble to measure yourself the way the company suggests in its clothing fit guides. You may find yourself a different size in companies whose European roots have created a more appealing sizing system.

Magazines can help us find the clothing styles we like the most, and online plus size stores can lead us to the clothes in our sizes that most closely approximate the magazine apparel. Look for stores whose catalogs and websites feature true, plus size models: the use of plus size models shows an acceptance that carries though in clothing designs and company return policies. Plus size models give us a better idea of how the clothing will actually fit on size 14+ bodies: they also provide a real boost in morale, because they are pretty, confident women, maybe the only plus size women many of us have ever seen who can be a larger size and still be sexy and beautiful.

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