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Nearly every plus size clothing store carries some type of blue jeans. Blue jeans, made of denim, came about with the advent of Levi's, sold to the miners in the gold fields of California in the 1800s. Jeans then and now needed to be cheap and tough, durable and washable. They also had to allow maximum movement of the body, a requirement that may not be considered necessary by many jeans wearers of today. Since jeans started in mining and lumber camps, they have become an important part of American clothing culture and of worldwide fashion. Jeans set the hippies apart from their more conservative peers in the 60's and 70's. Jeans raised protests from conservatives because they were tight and sexy, and ever
rock-n-roller wore them. Jeans smuggled in from the US and other countries were hotly bartered for in the Soviet Union before its dissolution. Jeans make a statement, whether they are designer items, Western wear, skin tight or elastic waist. Nearly everyone has a pair of jeans, and some of us live in them.

For most women, a pair of jeans that looks sexy is worth its weight in gold. With the recent focus on low rise jeans, more and more tall women are looking for denims that will cover their lower backs, regardless of what the Juniors are wearing. There are few things more disconcerting than feeling a cool breeze on your nether regions because your pants don't come up high enough. One of the reasons jeans are so popular is that, while trends come and go, the classic styles never go out of fashion. Whether you like your jeans with a flare or boot cut, petite and embroidered or tall, trouser type denims, you'll be able to find your favorite style in many of the most popular brands,

Some plus size jeans look terrific, showing off long legs, a high waist or a nice pair of ankles (or ankle boots!). Other plus size jeans have been constructed more with an eye to covering up than to revealing: if you try to buy plus size jeans in a store that only carries a limited range of plus size clothing, you may find that the jeans are horrible, being nothing more than baggy denim pants. Don't compromise on your jeans! Look for the depth of dye you want (indigo to the palest blue), a good, solid denim (some "jeans" are made of cambric, which is much too light to hold its shape over time) and the style that best compliments your figure. Jeans look

nice when they are snug but not tight: if a pair of jeans tightly outlines your thighs and then puffs out at your rear end, get a larger size to present a smoother overall profile. Styles that fit just below the waist are usually more comfortable and more fashionable than ones that fit at the waist, where the waistband would tend to roll down or bind.

Plus size brands like Seven, Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat are available in stretch denim, which is usually cotton blended with just the right amount of Lycra. Some jeans are embellished with terrific embroidery, rhinestones or even beads, taking your jeans from house painting to clubbing. Angels is one particular brand with real teen appeal; classic fashions can be found at Levi, Wranglers and Lee, which carries all sorts of jeans, trousers and career pants for women. Other brands you may want to check out include LEI, Jessica Simpson, Rocky Mountain and Mudd. In addition to these well-known brands, plus size shops like Chadwicks, Catherines, Jessica London and Zaftique carry all sorts of jeans. Look for them on sale at your favorite clothing stores. Nothing looks sexier than the right jeans –comfortable, figure hugging, well worn without being worn out. When you find the perfect size in just the right style, make sure and buy at least one extra pair: like many wonderful items of clothing, jeans styles and cuts change from season to season and the one you love best may not be available next year.

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