Plus Size Lingerie Guide for Women:
From a Sexy Sheer Baby Doll to Flirty Ruffles and Lace Intimates

A plus sized woman is a sexy woman: curves suggest exploration and softness; the ultimate in femininity. Most men admit that, regardless of current fashions for pencil-thin women, they prefer women with rounder charms. Intimate apparel is just one way of confirming that full figured women have plenty of fun. Plus sized models are showing the world that larger, luscious women are desirable and lively; plus sized lingerie lets women buy intimate apparel that accents their charms.
Sexy is a state of mind, and it's only right to follow it up with the perfect costume. From leather to a pretty silk robe, your lingerie wardrobe can reflect your many moods. If you're new to fancy nighties, you may want to start small, with a pretty embroidered camisole. Shy women sometimes have a difficult time wearing fine lingerie once they have bought it: they try it on, look in the mirror, blush all over and change into their sweats. Wearing lingerie, like lots of fun hobbies, takes a little getting used to. Developing the right attitude means psyching yourself out: creating the proper environment for filmy draperies and sweet nothings helps get you in the right mood. Use lighted candles, twinkling Christmas lights or dimmers to produce a soft-focus light so you feel less "out there". A warm bath promotes relaxation and a rosy glow. Match your footwear to your outfit: marabou mules are perfect with baby dolls; spikes are good to elongate the leg and show off a silk teddy. You may opt to complete your ensemble with no shoes; just a perfect pedicure.

Lingerie can give you the chance to fully express your most intense self, or it can allow you to play, to put on other personalities for a little while. A shy, soft-spoken woman may want to create an alter ego with a leather ensemble: a tough chick might opt for lacy petticoats and silly little shoes. Feeling romantic? Choose a long, flowing gown in black, white or gray satin. You can create your intimate apparel wardrobe in any number of ways, and you don't have to spend a lot of money. You can shop for cheap lingerie at online sales that never make it to the catalog, or have your costume custom-made at a bridal store. Silk, lace, satin, nylon and rubber are only a few of the fabrics used in creating fantasy fashions that can be worn at parties, under clothes, to bed and even to sleep.

The problem with plus size lingerie is that many women tend to fall into a rut: if you always sleep in sweats and a T-shirt, you may be unlikely to consider the possibility of falling asleep in a pretty, crisp, cotton gown. Flannel pajamas are nice, but on your wedding night, you may want to surprise him with a naughty baby doll gown. The fact of lingerie is that it essentially grown-up play clothes: don't get locked into a single fashion!

Another mistake women make in purchasing intimate wear is in thinking that it should look "perfect". The fact is, if you're dressing for someone else, that person will be so pleased with your overall look, that the details will probably be ignored anyway. Afraid to go sheer without the perfect body underneath? Don't be! There's something so appealing about the mere fact of wearing a see through nightie that your partner won't see the imperfections you see in the cold light of day.

If you're new to lingerie, you may want to try plus size catalog shopping for discount intimate clothing. Buy several things that you wouldn't ordinarily wear and try them out before investing in more expensive items. Always wanted to try erotic fishnet stockings? Get a pair and experiment. Want a classic, naughty teddy? There are dozens, in any color, even in silk. The point is that you don't have to commit: buy something cheap, play with it, and form your lingerie wardrobe over time as you discover what makes you feel gorgeous and sexy.

You don't have to spend a fortune on sexy clothes: you can get antique petticoats, Victorian camisoles and silk peignoirs for cheap prices at vintage stores. Buy pretty clothing on clearance, or wait for a sale at your favorite lingerie store. Lace and ruffles are a staple at your local bridal shop. For full-figured intimate clothing, try fashion lines like Big Gals.

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