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Plus size panties may be the most important clothing you will buy. Your underwear says a lot about what matters to you: it should fit perfectly, be made in smooth, comfortable fabrics, and it should come in colors that you enjoy. Intimate apparel can be as simple as a pair of white underwear and a matching camisole, or as sexy as a wild, leopard-spotted thong. Women's plus sized panties are available in briefs or bikini, cotton, lace or satin, and in every color under the sun. The trick is finding the underwear that fits you. Many department stores have plus size departments, but when you go to them you discover they are
seriously lacking in size range and quality of clothing. Online shopping is an excellent way to find plus size clothing that fits beautifully and looks good: plus size catalog shoppers have known for years that companies specializing in plus size clothing will take the necessary time and effort to ensure that their customers will be happy with their wardrobe options. This is true for outerwear, but also for underwear and lingerie: go to the experts for the right size and fit in pretty, modern styles and fabrics.

Many women favor cotton plus size panties because cotton breathes, is easy to machine wash, and takes a long time to wear out. Cotton and microfiber are probably the most comfortable underwear; for late nights, you may want a few pairs of silk or nylon, French cut panties. They tend to be hand wash only, but they are very pretty and not the least bit "practical". For the lady who expects a baby, plus size maternity panties are a must have. Juniors may prefer the modern boy short styles, or the ultra modern tanga panty.

When nothing will do but support, look for a body slimmer either in panty or waist to thigh coverage. Body slimmers or shapewear will smooth and sculpt you into the shape you want for snug-fitting pants or skirts. Under bike shorts and long leg body shapers are ideal for wearing under skirts, dresses or shorts to keep everything smooth and to prevent chafing. For long dresses that aren't forgiving, you can find an all over body shaper that extends from your upper waist all the way down to your knees.

Junonia carries plus size panties as well as other underwear, with a focus on cutting edge fabrics that breathe, that wick moisture away from the skin and that resist molds, mildews and bacteria. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, panties, briefs and shapers are designed not only to fit right the first time, but to also add support to delicate skin as well as shaping and supporting the body. If you are sports-minded or just want underwear that supports your health, look at this fine clothing company for plus size panties.

Plus size clothing stores like Junonia and Zaftique carry a wonderful range of plus size lingerie including panties, camisoles and bras. Just My size also provides online customers with a panty size calculator and a list of troubleshooting tips for customers who may not be wearing the size that fits them best. You may also want to consider the style of your underwear. Bikinis may be comfortable, but their narrow bands may add to panty line under tighter clothing. Briefs may come up too far on the waist, making you feel like you're wearing your grandma's underwear—not a feeling to make a gal feel playfully sexy. Boy shorts are cute on some people, awful on others. They feel nice, giving a little more fabric around the top of the thigh, but if you're used to skimpier underwear, boy shorts may feel all wrong.

The right fit is vital. If your panties roll down or squeeze you around the leg openings, you should look for a larger size. Other indicators of incorrect size include lines on the side of your body where the seams rest, underwear that creeps or crawls and general discomfort in your clothing. If you want to be easy in your skin, you also need to be easy in your clothing, and that begins with your lingerie. It should be supportive but comfortable at all costs.

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