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The hardest item of apparel to find that with the right fit and high style has got to be plus size pants. Ordinary designers don’t even try to make plus size pants stylish, and the plus size shopper who tries to find good looking clothes at regular clothing stores will be horrified with the limited and atrocious items offered.

The good news is that clothing stores that specialize in plus sizes are supplied with clothing that fits the whole woman with style and panache. You really can find plus size pants that outline and shape the body, that come in really nice fabrics and designs, and that you can afford to buy and enjoy. Look for pants that do more than cover you up: look for ones you really like to wear.

Some women prefer to wear pants instead of skirts, but in the professional workplace, still largely run by men, skirts may still be seen as important to work performance. The gaucho is a perfect compromise, since it looks like a skirt but is actually built with legs, like pants. If you work in a company where the dress code for women allows pants, classy pants suits with double-breasted jackets are the perfect answer to the need for a professional look. You may discover that many pants suits have side zip closures, and that can be a problem in the design since the side zip won't lie as flat as a front zip will. Unless the pants are really well constructed, a zipper on the side may add a strange bulge to your overall look. Wide legged dress pants look tailored and easy—perfect for tall women. For less formal occasions, twill pants in khaki or corduroy trousers look nice paired with colorful, v-necked T-shirts or sweaters. Unless you're a model, you probably won't wear leather pants except for clubbing, and then you should look for leather that's soft and supple, lined to prevent perspiration and chafing.

You can also find slightly more formal, wide leg pants that are constructed to look like skirts, and some evening wear includes elegant pants that are worn with flowing tunics. Flared leg pants that look nice on tall women may not work for petites: try pants that are narrower around the ankle for a longer look.For daytime vacation wear, palazzo or Capri pants are perfect for lounging or shopping.

If you're looking for active wear clothing, look at womens' clothing stores specializing in outdoor activity for ski pants, sweat pants, yoga pants, pants for snowboarding and snow pants for playing fort and building snowmen. Camouflage, gaucho and cargo pants can also be found at outdoor stores. Yoga pants aren't just for yoga anymore: they look terrific at all sorts of exercise, or just for lounging around the house. There's something appealing about the way these pants fit narrowly around the ankle, but also provide an inch or two of excess fabric that lengthens the overall look of the leg. Yoga pants are cute enough that a gal might even be tempted to try the Pilates tape she borrowed from a friend.

Plus size shoppers should look for pants that are built for comfort as well as style. It's a trade-off: knit pants are easily available, but are often shapeless. For a stylish look, find pants with waistbands, tailored lines and smooth pockets that don't alter the line of the leg or rear. Look for knits in wool blends, cotton with a touch of lycra, or rayon, and don't settle for baggy pants if you can find some that hug the waist a bit and follow the line of your leg. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you should only wear black or navy blue, either. There are so many really nice looking pants in pale colors! Many plus sized women have been told all their lives that dark colors are "so slimming", but it isn't really true. Light colors lighten up your wardrobe's look, making it fun to get dressed again.

Stores like Reitmans, Chadwicks, Roamans, Junonia and Zaftique have nice looking pants made for plus size customers. You might find something from Cherokee or Mossimo at Target, but the plus size range offered is usually pretty limited when it comes to pants, so if you find yourself frustrated, check out the online shops and plus size clothing catalogs for pants that were made to fit and look nice.

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