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The biggest challenge in buying plus size skirts is in finding ones that look wonderful. Skirts have to be cut just right for the body or they bunch, bulge and generally make for a sloppy appearance. But a well designed skirt is a marvel, hiding any flaws, accentuating the waist or legs and covering whatever we want covered. Companies like Chadwicks carry more than the customary shapeless A-line: you'll even find great looking pencil skirts in plus sizes and gorgeous fabrics. When you find a clothing company that sells good looking plus size skirts, you'll never again have to worry about what to wear.
The skirt is the no-fail wardrobe solution. It can be dressy or casual, so with a change in top and accessories, you can create an entire new outfit based on the specific occasion. The perfect all-around skirt is the suit skirt or pencil skirt, which falls straight, isn't too long (not floor length) or short (no shorter than knee length) and has no particular historical reference to make it seem dated. A black suit skirt or pencil skirt with a matching jacket is perfect for work, for dinner or social occasions. You can fly to a job interview, get proposed to over a candlelit meal and meet your prospective in-laws without even needing to change clothes. You can make even a subtle, suitable skirt into something daring by topping it with a sexy camisole and adding thinner heels.

For a no-nonsense skirt that fulfills the requirement of showing your knees without looking at all fluffy or super-feminine, the khaki, corduroy or denim skirt is just right. Jeans skirts can range from a sensible, mommy style that works for taking the kids to soccer, to a bad little mini for the Pink Floyd concert, so you have your choice. Tennis skirts are perfectly fine not just on the court but also at the movies or supermarket, as long as they aren't too short. Suede skirts are sexy, but they aren't waterproof and they are expensive, so you may find yourself limiting the places you could wear one. Leather, on the other hand, is treated so as to be just fine in the rain, so even a highly practical woman might want to own one. The drawback of leather is that, unless it is really well made, you skirt may be creaky or squeaky.

Skirts tend to tell people what you mean before they even meet you. The classic pleated or unpleated wool plaid with a white blouse and pumps or Oxfords gives an intellectual, British schoolgirl look, that can only be overcome by replacing the white knee socks with sheer hose. Broomstick or peasant skirts may be all right for the casual workplace, but are rarely appropriate for anything more professional, since they have associations with free-flowing Gypsy skirts and the Hippy movement.

Satin and velvet skirts are often seen in evening wear, paired with tunics or elegant tops. The trouble with satin skirts is that they can be slippery: more than one woman has slid off the sofa when she really didn't mean to. Velvet can be especially pretty at night, since it has a subtle sheen that catches low light. Evening skirts for formal occasions should be long and matched with heels and dangling earrings.

Another skirt that sends a definite message is the sarong. The sarong is often worn barefoot or with sandals in the summer or on vacations on warm islands, and it makes a lovely cover up for a bathing suit. It can be beautiful and elegant at casual or semi-formal dinner parties, especially when paired with more formal shoes like strappy sandals.

The poodle skirt had its heyday in the fifties, where every teenage girl had to have the circle of fabric with a poodle near one side and a leash, embroidered or with sequins, running up to the waist. The poodle skirt is fun and just right for parties, bridal showers and just having fun on the weekends. Unless your workplace has a collective sense of humor, the poodle should stay home when you go to work. Poodle skirts go well with Oxfords, low-heeled pumps or maybe sneakers with the tops of your socks rolled down.

The biggest mistake a woman can make in regards to a skirt is in its length. Always err on the side of caution: let it be a foot too long rather than an iota too short.

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