Plus Size Sleepwear

Plus size sleepwear can be found at nearly any of the better catalog and online plus size clothing shops. Whether you're looking for sexy pajamas made of silk, satin and lace, or flannel tops and bottoms guaranteed to keep you warm on cold winter nights, you'll find what you're looking for at shops like Roamans, Chadwicks, Catherines or Zaftique.

Night gown shopping is more fun online because you can calculate your size from the fit guides and then wait for the post office to deliver your new nightie. Who wants to try on footed fleece jammies
in the middle of a department store if you can buy them at home? Look for a set of color coordinated sheets, pillow cases and bedspread to complete the picture. Match your robe and slippers to your pajama wardrobe for perfect style.

Some people like a variety of nightclothes, and other prefer to find one style they like and stay with it. Your pajama wardrobe may change from season to season, getting thin and silky or crisp as summer comes along, then growing fuzzy and thick with the advent of winter. If you've always slept in sweats and want to make a subtle change in your night life, try a pair of silk pajamas in rich colors. For an extra-smooth experience, add on cool, satin sheets in contrasting colors.

There are all sorts of things for sleeping in, and we're all individuals when it comes to the clothing we find comfortable for sleeping in. If you're used to a cotton nightgown, you may find that pajamas with bottoms drive you crazy at night. If flannel pjs are your speed, the feeling of a nightie wrapped around your legs will keep you awake until you get up and change clothes. Of course, the most glamorous plus size sleepwear is rarely meant for sleeping: sheer gowns, cropped tops and matching bottoms are more for entertaining than for getting some rest.

Lots of us like to sleep in sweats, or in t-shirts. The sleep shirt is a nice cross between a nightgown and your boyfriend's t-shirt. Long enough to walk around in but short enough to resist tangling, sleep shirts come in fun, cartoon designs and soft cotton blends. Modest enough for a slumber party; cute enough for sleepovers for two, you can find plus size sleep shirts at plus size clothing stores online or in catalogs.

Women often take men's clothes for sleeping, because men's underwear and pajamas are comfortable. Some women like to sleep in boxer shorts and a camisole, and it's a sexy and accepted nighttime look. Men's pajamas are often cheaper than women's, and you can find brands in department stores that will fit plus size women in men's sizes Large and Extra Large. Pants are often sold as separates, and you can buy nice pajama or lounging pants in cotton knits.

But there are more options! Petite women look especially nice in slightly floppy men's pajamas, but tall women will also enjoy the old-fashioned striped ones you can find in department stores. You can usually get these pjs for under $15, which makes them a steal, and their old-fashioned designs remind you of the classic TV show, I Love Lucy. For other retro looks, find fluffy night gowns in vintage clothing stores, costume shops or your mother's closet. Top them off with the perfect mules, preferably with feathers on top for the perfect vintage touch.

Pajamas aren't just for sleeping anymore. Teens and 'tweens are wearing pajama bottoms in public, where the designs add freshness to ordinary clothes. Knit pajama tops and bottoms can be worn as pseudo thermal underwear, providing a light extra layer under winter jeans and sweaters. Some pajama comisoles are just right for wearing as summertime tops, and since you can often find sleepwear on sale, you'll spend less than you would on a "daywear" camisole. Add jewelry, gloves, stockings and heels to a slip-type nightgown and you have a party dress. Like playing dress-up, wearing nightclothes in the daytime adds a note of playful daring to your everyday wardrobe. And there's nothing better than comforting your flu-ridden self by tucking up on the couch wearing your chenille robe and slippers, sipping a hot toddy and watching reruns of Seinfeld.

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