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Only a hundred years ago, women went swimming in layers of dark wool that covered their bodies from neck to ankle. The bathing suits of early times were heavy (especially when they got wet), scratchy and hard to wear. Most women were delighted when fashions changed and they were allowed to trade in bathing dresses for shorts, lighter, smaller swimsuits. While some plus size swim wear might make women want to return to the days when bathing suits covered a multitude of problems, today's light fabrics are nearly miraculous: they dry in a day; they are available in all colors; many are mildew and bacteria resistant. But do they fit?

There are probably fewer things more stressful and depressing for most women than buying swimwear. There's something about the combination of near nudity, the prospect of being seen in public and the fact that many clothing designers have a sadistic yen to make us appear more naked then ever that makes even strong, intelligent women sulk and storm in the nation's fitting rooms at swimsuit time. But it doesn't have to be a painful experience to find plus size swimwear, if you know where – and how – to look.

Even with today's wider range of styles, plus sized customers may have a hard time finding swimwear that looks nice. The boy-cut briefs or hipster styles that supposedly provide more coverage may tend to accent the portions of the body we are trying to hide in them. But the typical, full-skirted plus size swimsuit is on the way out due to its inability to create a sexy look. More popular fashions are closer to the body, with unpleated, straight skirts shaped more like tennis skirts than bathing suits.

One of the smartest and least upsetting ways to buy swimwear is to get several suits from a catalog company that provides excellent fitting advice and try them on at home. Pick the ones that come closest to being something you would actually wear in public, and then use the store's return policy to ship the others back. Obviously, any time you try on swimwear, you should be wearing underclothes before you've committed to the sale: some clothing companies won't take swimwear back at all, but others have policies that work in the customer's favor in that respect.

Try a Board Short for a Casual Swim Wear Option

From the time we are teens, we understand that bathing suits will expose our flaws, yet we continue to buy them. With the advent of swimsuits as separates, prices on swimwear doubled. For all these reasons, it seems amazing that more women haven't switched to men's swimwear. Why should men parade freely in knee-length trunks while we shrink modestly behind our boy-cut bikinis? Men's trunks are cheap, and the look can be completed with a sports bra type top or tankini. Longer suits for women, while bucking an entire industry and the fashions of the past fifty years, would be a great blessing. More women are deciding that fussing with bikini lines and worrying about whether your rump is on display isn’t worth the workout they might get by swimming. Kudos go to the women and girls in surfing who have switched over to board shorts and abbreviated tops instead of the impractical, typical suits that ride up, slip down and fall off when you can do the least about it. They know that comfort and freedom of movement is a very sexy combination. A plus size shortini is also a great option that combines a sexy tankini type top with mid-thigh length shorts on the bottom.

Suggestions By Plus Size Body Type

  • Apple Shaped (round mid section) - Try a tummy control one-peice wrap suit
  • Pear Shaped (heavy thighs and bum) - Try a skirtini or swim dress
  • Large Bust - Try a tankini with an empire waist, wrap style or underwires for extra support
  • Heavier Thighs - Try a shortini with mid-thigh length shorts

Finding Swim Wear in Larger Sizes Online

You can find assorted swimwear at stores like Lane Bryant and Just My Size. In a rare and brilliant move, Lands End has recently added sizes to their women's clothing lines, so that you can find nice swimsuits and other items of clothing in extra large (16 and 18) and plus sizes up to 26W. The shortini at Lands End is especially nice, providing coverage for the upper legs but with an overall shape that's really pretty. Many of the suits have extra support in bras and in tummy-control fabrics.

What plus size swim wear fashion will work best for you

There's little chance that the same fashions that make it to the Junior section are going to be appealing to the adult woman. Discount swimwear can be useful if you do spend a lot of time in the sun because you can buy several suits without spending a lot of money and throw them away at the end of a season or two. If wearing men's swim trunks doesn't appeal to you but you'd like to be as modestly covered as possible, you may decide to try a swim dress, which is a bathing suit with an attached skirt. Many plus size women's clothing stores also carry swimsuits and cover ups, some in tan thru styles, and others made of quick dry fabrics with UV blocking characteristics. Companies like Zaftique and Junonia include tummy-control, lifting and no bounce features in their swimsuits, so you can make the most of what you have. Look for something sleek and simple, consider wrapped, surplice style bodices, and if you have nice legs, for heaven's sake, forget those skirts. Get your legs out there where they belong (but don't forget the sunscreen).

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