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Plus size Juniors' clothing may be difficult to find in the average mall, where Junior shops tend to specialize in smaller-than-human clothing dimensions and super trendy fashions. Junior apparel has always been a little strange in its focus on up-to-the-minute fads and teensy-weensy tops, jeans and pants. While some Junior's stores focus on clothing that's made cheaply enough to be replaced when the month's fad is "so over", most of the clothing you'll find in the usual Juniors stores is expensive, you'll wonder if you're clothing one teen or ten.
The problems with plus size teen Juniors' clothing is that the whole point of Junior's clothing is that it's smaller than regular clothing, which in turn is even smaller than normal plus size clothing. So when you're shopping for plus size Junior's clothing, what you're really looking for is ready to wear that follows the Junior trends while still fitting teens who are larger than Junior sizes. Swimsuits are the real heartbreakers here: the "average" teen looks nice (if a little bare) in a bikini: the plus size swimsuits available can't replicate the total look of such a skimpy, but classic, bathing suit.

Recently, come of the Junior stores have introduced Junior clothing over size 11, but the items in these collections are severely limited, and the "plus size" range for them is only three size 13, 15 and 17. Jeans seem to have more potential than other clothes for making the leap to plus sizes, perhaps because denim never goes out of style, so designers know it's a safe bet to create jeans in larger sizes. While plus size teens can find clothing in adult plus size stores, the trends displayed in the items of apparel for adults may be completely different than those worn by teens.

If you're a plus size teen or the parent of a plus size teen, you probably feel the unfairness of a fashion world that seems to include only those under size 13. It's really tough to be fashionable when the clothes just aren't out there! And if budget is an issue (as it is for most of us), buying the clothes you want to wear in the sizes that will fit seems almost like an impossible dream. It isn't, but you have to know where to shop. Look for clothing catalogs and online stores that sell pretty clothing in a range of sizes. Don't rule out grown-up companies: they are starting to catch on to the need to provide plus sizes, an a few of them specialize in plus size women's fashions. Not only that, but if you do find something you like in a grown-up clothing catalog, you may find that when you resize yourself according to the size charts of those companies, you will take a size that's average by their standards. The "plus" in that situation is, that while some companies may carry a limited range of clothing in their smallest adult plus size, 1X, as a teen you may fit into a size 12 or 14, and will have more options available to you.

Vintage clothing is one way to express a love of fashion without being tied to the shopping mall. Some vintage clothing is tiny, because women used to be shorter, and their corsets squeezed their bodies into much smaller clothes than we enjoy today. But if you look for vintage clothes from the '40's and '50's, you may find skirts, blouses and sweaters that fit your perfectly. In the '40's women's silhouettes became more defined with shoulder pads and free-flowing skirts. The '50's saw the rise of the cuddly, full-skirted, rounder female figure, like Marilyn Monroe's. But by the '60's and '70's, fashion became Twiggy-thin, so for fuller vintage fashions, concentrate on clothing from the earlier decades.

If you want modern clothes and aren't sure where to look, try looking outside your local department store. With coupons, clearance sales and shipping deals, you can often get wonderful clothing at no more cost and with much less hassle than it takes to go shopping. And most online shops or catalog-based clothing stores recognize that sometimes things don't fit once you get them home. Most reputable plus size clothing stores have reasonable return policies and will do what they can to make you happy. Look for teens' plus size junior outerwear, underwear, swimwear, coats and jackets in online and catalog stores like for jeans, and both and for a great selection of trendy styles.

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