Plus Size Clothing Styles For Women With Larger Chests

Finding fashionable clothing for full figured women and is a hard enough chore in itself. Throw in the fact that your chest may be larger than most and it could be darn near impossible.

Here are some tips to think about while shopping for your tops:
  1. Identify your body’s busty characteristics. Busty women may have full arms, a defined waistline, softer shoulders, or a wider back. Regardless of their weight, busty women always have full breasts.
  1. Find a shirt that flatters your bust line. Avoid very stretchy fabrics that are cut in a clingy fashion. These types of shirts will show every bit of your torso and may make you feel self-conscious. If you just can’t help but buy clingy fabrics due to your love for them, try layering them with a light wrap or blazer. Shirts with a v-neck or u-neck tend to make your bust look a little higher and better proportioned.
  2. Layer with a sweater or jacket. Wrap tops are very flattering and are a wonderful solution for layering. Be sure to wear your outer layer a little bit shorter with your longer shirt or tee underneath. This way if the under layer is figure-hugging, you won’t feel overly exposed but will still have shape and coverage. Also, you want to wear your jackets buttoned to nip in your waist just a bit.
  3. Get a skirt that makes your bust look more balanced. A-line styles will help you look proportional and will match your bust line. Avoid mini-skirts. This may look a bit “tarty” when put together with your large and rather enviable bust.
  4. Invest in a properly fitted bra. Get measured at a lingerie store or a department store to be sure that the bra you are wearing is the correct fit. Many women, without realizing it, are wearing the wrong size bra. This can and usually will lead to sagging and bulging of the bust line. A good, high quality bra will help to raise your bust to midway between the elbow and the shoulder.
  5. Wear dark colors on the top and light colors on the bottom. The brighter the colors on the top them more attention that is drawn to your bust line.
  6. Avoid skirts with pleats and gathers. These will make you look more bulky and round.
  7. Avoid breast pockets. Any details around the chest area will draw more attention to the bust line than you may want.
  8. Try wearing skirts that fall just a few inches above the knee and some high heels. This will not only make you seem taller and more slender but brings attention to your legs rather than your top half.
  9. Avoid baggy tops. Although you are trying to hide the bulkiness on top, this will just make you look even bigger than you really are.
  10. Avoid spaghetti straps and halter tops. This will place too much emphasis on broad shoulders and larger bust lines.

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