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Roamans is one of the most widely known and popular shops for plus size women's clothing, and its reputation is backed up by great customer service and fine clothes. Roamans distinguishes itself from other plus sized apparel stores by carrying sizes in a greater range than most. Its clothing starts at 12W and goes up to 44W, its large sizes topping most other plus size stores whose size ranges stop at 34W. A store that has long offered plus size customers a variety of clothing, accessories and footwear, Roamans knows what you're looking for, whether it's trendy and hip or classically elegant, in retail clothing for the full figure.

Aside from carrying a larger range of sizes, Roamans' website breaks down apparel into more discrete departments, making it easier to find what you're looking for without having to page through items that don't interest you. For example, although Roamans has a separate section for Jackets and Blazers, it also has a section for Suits and Separates, making it easy to create coordinated outfits. The Intimate Apparel section is separated from Sleep & Loungewear, so if you're looking for pajamas, you don't have to search through underwear to find them. However, this brings me to one potential drawback. With a menu this itemized, the hurried shopper may only look in the department that interests her at the moment. This could be a big mistake, since you could miss something just a click or two down the list! Take an extra couple of minutes and look at other collections in case the skirt you've wanted all your life is lurking just behind the next window.

Roamans is probably one of the more comprehensive online or catalog clothing stores, and has been around for years. Like many other online clothing stores, they can provide customers with a Roamans credit card, and you can sign up to receive special offers by email. They sell jewelry, have a separate section for specially designed blue jeans, and even carry perfumes. Especially for women in plus sizes over 34W, it's important to be able to find clothing and shoes that really fit and look nice too. An important part of the way we feel about ourselves, our clothes impact our well-being and confidence as well as telling other people something about our personal sense of style. Whether you're looking to create a career wardrobe, buy elegant evening wear or just add to the fun clothes already in your closet, you may want to start with Roamans.

One of the biggest boons to plus size customers is the clothing store that also carries shoes that will really fit. With most shoe companies and even clothing catalogs only carrying shoes in medium "B" width, women with wider feet are crying out for decent, cute shoes at affordable prices. We can't afford to have our shoes handmade in Italy, but your feet deserve the best, and the best fit may be purchased online and sometimes even on sale! And we're not just talking sensible shoes here; wide width shoes can still be sexy, appealing and downright gorgeous, once you know where to find them. You don't have to wear nurses' shoes anymore: stylish pumps, adorable mules and summertime flip-flops can all be yours in colors bright or soft, beading or classy leather and suede. The Romans wore sandals, and you can get them too, with or without heels and straps. Roamans has a terrific shoe department: check it out for all the footwear you've been missing.

The upside to online shopping is that you can also shop around for coupons before ordering from your favorite shops. Stores like Roamans have great sales every season, and some have them every week, but even when the items you want aren't on sale, you can probably do something to drop the price by using a coupon. Many stores also have regular discounts on things like shipping if your order exceeds a certain amount. Sign up for email offers that will keep you informed of upcoming sales and discounts.

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