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Ulla Popken is a European-based catalog clothing store that specializes in quality, high fashion plus size women's apparel. There have been Ulla Popken retail stores in the U.S. for more than a decade, and there are more than 200 stores on the North American continent. With six collections offered each year, this outstanding clothing store provides every imaginable sort of clothing to plus size customers sizes 12 to 38, who demand great style at reasonable prices.

The first thing the full figured shopper never misses when looking at the Ulla Popkin collections is the strong European flavor of the designs. The clothing features flowing lines, elegant fabrics and playful but grown-up touches that admit that a woman is more than her body. Tunics and pant sets are frequently offered; caftans, dusters and elegant evening wear are an important part of each collection. Ulla Popken makes clothes for plus size women who frequent dinner parties, opening nights and the opera the way other women go to the supermarket. Think Liza Minelliódramatic, fun and tasteful without any hint of drabness.

In fact, the designs this company presents makes a shopper think that it might be a lot more fun to go to the supermarket clad in something classy. Why trudge along in sweats when you can waft in on a cloud of perfumed silk? And if you happen to be wafting in on the PTA meeting tonight, who's to say you won't be dining at the Astor tomorrow? Practicality is all very well, but who wouldn't take velvet over corduroy; hand beading over machine-popped rivets? Ulla Popken understands what European women have known for centuries: it's fun being female!

Perhaps it's because the U.S. has been peopled with the offspring of pioneers who set out with very little in the way of possessions and certainly few pretty clothes, but the American sense of style is much franker and streamlined than the European one. You won't find the detailing, the emphasis on overall line in American designs that you will in ones from overseas. Especially for plus size customers, this is a problem, because the American focus on the body over the clothes means that the body is expected to fit the clothes rather than the clothes fitting the body. This attitude contributes to the nearly universal denial among fashion designers that their clothing is unfit for most American women, whose bodies don't fit the skimpy clothing options available to them. Older civilizations recognize that the overall look should be one of harmony, and that a comfortable, confident woman is much more attractive than one who feels ill at ease in her tight-fitting apparel. When you look at Ulla Popken's designs, modeled by luscious, blond and brunette plus size models, you can see what American women have been missing: the look is gracious, classic and sexy.

But the website and the catalog do admit there is more to life than romance. The styles are laid out in alphabetical order (Accessories, Beachwear, clearance, etc.) and are broken into easy to use subsets so you can pick out the item you're shopping for without having to page through thousands of irrelevant photos. On the other hand, one of the great pleasures of shopping is in browsing to find something you can't live without but that you wouldn't have thought of until seeing it. Unless you're in a tearing hurry, it would probably be a mistake to look at dresses without also looking at skirts and tops.

You'll find jeans (Denim), Jackets and Sportswear at Ulla Popken, in addition to Loungewear and Sleepwear. There is a section dedicated to Web Specials and another one for Clearance items, so make sure you check them out in case the item you've always wanted is languishing under a severely marked down price tag. "Rescue me!" it cries.

There is not a dedicated shoe section in Ulla Popken, which is a disappointment: with its emphasis on the European touch in its clothing, a hopeful plus size shopper might hope to discover Italian pumps in wide widths. But everything else is there, helping you dress like the glamorous, playful, confident woman you always wanted to be.

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