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There are few people sadder than a woman whose wide feet won't fit into pretty shoes. But wide width shoes are available, and some of them are adorable as well: you have to know where to look to find them. Most shoe stores have a "wide width" section, usually about three shoes wide with shoes perfect for nurses with orthopedic problems and no fashion sense. That is to say, at the usual shoe stores, even huge shoe stores that sell nothing but footwear, women who are looking for wide width shoes are not going to find cute shoes. Knowing that, we can move on with our lives. There are indeed places that make and sell
wide width shoes in nearly any style you can imagine: high heels, mules, flats, boots, running and walking shoes—you name it.

Once you've faced the fact that you probably won't find the shoes you want in a regular shoe store, you are free to shop the catalog companies and online stores of plus size clothing stores that offer shoes in wide widths. You will be delighted when you see the shoes on offer at stores like Chadwicks. The colors and styles are pretty and fun, and the prices are reasonable even when you haven't stumbled into a big sale. When you buy at the discount prices offered, you'll have enough left over to buy a second pair.

If you've been wearing ugly shoes because that's all you could find before today, your life is about to change. You may find yourself bewildered by your choices and wondering what looks right with your wardrobe. In general, every lady needs a shoe wardrobe. You need:

  1. Pumps for evening or formal occasions.
  2. Shoes for work that are comfortable and just slightly dressier than your boss's. Nice loafers, pumps, low heels and closed toes. Maybe dressy sandals for summer.
  3. Shoes for exercising. Tennis shoes, walking shoes.
  4. Shoes for wearing to the grocery store. Loafers, flats or sneakers.
  5. Summer shoes. Espadrilles, sandals, flip-flops.
  6. Date night shoes. Mules, strappy pumps, kitten heels, spikes.
  7. Fall and winter boots ranging from ankle zip ups to thigh-high winter date night clubbing boots.
At online plus size stores like Christines or Zaftique, you'll find shoes for comfortable, casual wear, career pumps, evening wear and athletic shoes. You'll gloat over loafers and swoon over mules. You'll find shoes you can wear to aerobics class or to tennis lessons, sexy designer wedges that have nothing to do with physical fitness and dyeable evening shoes you can wear to weddings or the prom. Whether you're shopping for designer bridal fashions or just looking to dress up a little, you can find plus size shoes that make you look and feel wonderful.

While plus size clothing stores often carry their own, specially made shoe brands, you may also find wide width shoes in brands like Rockport, (great for hiking and work boots), Naturalizer (career and casual shoes), Clarks, zappos and Merrell. If you're looking for athletic shoes, try Nike, but if they don't have what you like, make sure and also look at Junonia's shoe department for sporty shoes. Junonia makes sure women's sports shoes are on the agenda—they support the active life for women, and that, fortunately for us, includes our feet.

Dressy shoes take a little consideration because in general, the more formal the occasion, the higher the heel. High heels can play havoc with your balance, your back and your feet, so it's important to make sure that your wide width heels fit as perfectly as possible before subjecting your feet to hours of standing, walking or dancing in them. If you're attending a wedding, you may want to take three pairs of shoes: one for the ceremony, a higher heeled pair for dancing at the reception and a pair of slippers to wear home. Many women wear a pair of dressy shoes to work and keep a pair of sneakers around for noontime walks or trips to the gym after work.

Feet are complicated, being of delicate construction and in all sorts of shapes. If you have wide feet, you may also have trouble getting your shoes to fit correctly at the toe and heel. Your toe should not touch the end of your shoe when you're standing, but should be within a half an inch of the end. This will vary by the height of the heel, as higher heels throw your weight forward. Near your heel, your shoe shouldn't pinch, and it shouldn't slip up and down. If you've been buying your shoes extra big to get them wide enough, you may need to start over completely once you've found true wide width shoes at a plus size clothing store. Get the store's guidelines for measuring your shoe size, and get out your tape measure. Measure your feet exactly the way the store advises to get the best fit for their shoes. You may find you've been wearing the wrong size, which can lead to problems with your feet and back, Changing to the correct size may make a big difference in the way you feel.Aching feet can make a person miserable all day long, and often contribute to an aching back as well. Take care of your feet by buying the best shoes you can find at the best fit.

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