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Zaftique may have been taken from the Yiddish word, "zaftig", which means a big, beautiful woman. The Zaftique retail store takes beauty seriously, providing terrific, sexy clothing in shapely large sizes that fit. If you've ever thought that wearing plus sizes relegated you to ugly clothing and serious fashion deprivation, think again!

There's no reason to be punished for having an over size 12 body, but many clothing stores' size and manufacturing policies punish plus size customers. It's purely economical: for every inch clothing manufacturers shave off their designs, they make money.
The skinnier the clothing, the more money they make. Why hasn't it occurred to them that they lose money on the ever-increasing numbers of women who wear plus sizes and who want to shop for and wear lovely clothes? It all comes down to this: when you want to go shopping for generous clothing that never misses in style, you have to find a generous company. Zaftique fills the bill beautifully. Enjoy it even when you aren't online, by ordering the retail catalog. And look for coupons, sales and discounts so you ca shop even more.

On visiting the site online, you will notice that Zaftique has taken women's full figure body shapes and applied them to the styles of apperal they have available. If you aren't sure what might look best on your particular type of body, you can use their system to determine your overall shape and then match the code of your shape with the codes on their clothing. Are you a pear or an apple? Doesn't matter: you'll be feeling like a peach once you follow the coded clothing to the nicest items of apparel for your body.

Zaftique's collection of intimates has the prettiest panties this writer has ever seen. That's a strong statement, since this writer spent the last week poring over websites that are simple stuffed with women's underwear. But when you see the truly sexy underwear on this site, you may feel constitutionally unable to return to your Jockeys. There's something retro in the high style, lacy, black, briefs that makes them look like flapper's step ins; sweet and naughty at the same time, without being particularly high cut. In fact, they look downright comfortable. They're the kind of undies you'd definitely wear for a seduction, or maybe at home alone just to feel absolutely gorgeous.

If lace isn't your thing, there are boy cut briefs in super soft, whisper thin fabrics, in pink and powder blue. Truly cute, vintage inspired camisoles replete with ribbon and lace. G-string panties are available, with a moderately most front and a nearly not-there back, also in beautiful fabrics and an assortment of colors. And for the kind of underwear that gets the job done when there are dresses to be worn on top, there are long leg shapers and tummy trimming panties.

But wait, there's more. Lingerie of all sorts looks wonderful at Zaftique. The shopper may get the impression that the clothes buyer for the store is really, truly in love with the feminine form. Is it a woman whose own plus size body demands the finest in fashions, or someone whose one true love wears something over a size 14? Whoever the buyer is, customers are grateful for the lingerie at Zaftique. Sure you can sleep in it: but you sure don't have to!

Let's talk nightgowns in lace, in satin, in a silky moiré pattern. Pretty chemise sets, with a top that hits about mid-thigh and matching panties. Silky knit camisoles are great for night or day and come in a slew of colors. Keep an eye out for a camisole-matching silky skirt, too. Baby doll nightgowns make an appearance, playful and sexy.

Don't spend everything in the lingerie department, though. Zaftique also excels when it comes to skirts. We're not talking about shapeless, mid-calf bags: we're looking at skirts that will give companies like Victoria's Secret and Anthropologie a real run for their money. Elegant, shaped skirts in tweed, silk and a dozen other beautiful fabrics. Skirts that evoke the '40's, with shaped waist, flared hip and gorgeous flare right where it belongs. Pencil skirts (that fit!) and skirts with scallops and flirty hems. Skirts you could wear to work and then right on to dinner and dancing. Skirts you want to wear and never take off. Unless, of course, you're just dying to get into that new nightie.

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